PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell Review

What is the PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell?

The Power Block Sport 24 compact dumbbell is adjustable in weight.

A pair of dumbbells can be used to set one of eight weights. You decide your weight, then place a pin at the appropriate level to fix your weight. It’s simple because you only need one dumbbell for the job that you usually need to do with a rack.

They look like a robotic loaf of bread and have a set of color-coded bars running down the sides. They look complicated at first glance. They are pretty simple.

These adjustables come in a pair, which is an excellent advantage over other options. You can do so much with one dumbbell, but two allow you to do more.

The frame is made from welded steel and has a compact design that provides an open grip system with a cushioned handle to protect your wrists.

What Is The Secret To Their Success?

The Power block 24 weights, which are the core of the system, can be used as a handle to add weights. This is done by selecting the weight that you desire.

First, you can check the weight on top and match it with the handy color on either side. You’ll soon know what color you should choose.

Once you have chosen a weight, you will find a long prong (or pin as it is sometimes called) that you can slide out of its current slot. Then you can push the color you wish into it.

It doesn’t sound very easy, and it is.., at least for the first time. You’ll soon be able to do it as a second-nature thing after a few more uses.

You won’t find any locking mechanisms or way to twist or clamp down as you might see on other brands. The only thing you need to do is ensure that the ‘pin” is correctly placed in the slot.

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Specifications and Technical Details:

Training Benefits with the PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell:


Sports 24 dumbbells can be used in a variety of motion-based and stationary exercises that incorporate whole-body training. This is a fraction of what a home gym costs.

Exercises with dumbbells allow for maximum exercise mobility. The rack and run method can only be achieved through dumbbell training.

To further define your muscles, you can use dumbbells in your squats or lunges, crunches, and rows, as well as your curls.

Instead of stationary lifting machines, dumbbells are a great way to target specific muscles, such as your abs, chest, and arms.

Drop sets and mechanical advantage drops are easy with dumbbells. This allows you to do high-intensity exercises without having to invest in heavy machinery.

Greater range of motion

Dumbbells can allow you to modify your movement patterns and give your shoulders a wider range of motion, unlike barbells that have a fixed position. To target specific muscles, you can adjust the dumbbells to make them lower or higher.

Muscle Activity and Stability Increased

You can get a lot of benefits from dumbbell training. Dumbbell exercises are not like traditional gym machines, which provide support for your body. Your body will need to work harder to balance and stabilize its weight.

Balance and stabilizing dumbbell training stimulates more muscle fibers and strengthens your core.

What We Like PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell?

The same reason why I love the PowerBlocks 2.4s is also the reason I love all PowerBlock dumbbell sets is their compact design. The dumbbells are compact because the PowerBlocks have a weight stacking system.

Nearly all of the fast-adjusting dumbbells, including the Bowflex, now have long handles. They look more like traditional dumbbells because they include a long bar with weights on either end.

The long bar is, however, their downfall. It doesn’t matter what weight you lift, 5lb or 25; the handle length remains the same.

Because of their weight staking system, the PowerBlocks are much smaller. The handle’s length will increase as you lift more weight.

PowerBlocks are compact and easy to use.

Who are The 24’s for?

24lb is the weight of each dumbbell. A 24lb adjustable dumbbell will last you for several years if you are a beginner or intermediate. But, it would be great if you remembered that there are no expansion packs.

Once you are stronger and have reached the maximum capacity of your dumbbell, an expansion pack lets you add weight to it.

You may not need a heavier dumbbell. It all depends on how you train and whether you are training to tone, strength or hypertrophy (muscle growth).

These dumbbells were designed for women and beginners. Any severe lifter should consider other dumbbells, such as the Powerblock elite 50lb dumbbell series.

The 24lb bells are great for beginners. They’ll last for at least a few decades of growth. Many people will find them more challenging over a longer time. They are half the cost of the 50lb set. You don’t need to spend on a heavier set that you won’t use.

If you take strength or hypertrophy seriously and feel the need to have a heavier set of arms and legs, you can sell the 24’s and get on with your life.

PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell vs Bowflex Adjustables:

There are many adjustable dumbbells available on the market. However, the two main market leaders or the best are the Power block set and the Bowflex sets. Although Bowflex is the most popular competitor, we have seen an increase in adjustable dumbbells recently!

What are the key differences? Although we have a complete guide for the Powerblock and Bowflex weights, here is a quick summary:

  1. The power blocks 24 are smaller.
  2. Bowflex has a natural, round dumbbell-type form.
  3. Bowflex adjustables are simple to use – there’s no need to reach between two bars.
  4. They are both roughly the same price, cost-wise.
  5. The Bowflex set can be twice as heavy, so it is better for those who need more than 10kg.

Power Blocks 24 vs Ativiafit 27.5lb:

Items:Powerblock Sport 24lbAtiviafit 27.5lb
Max Weight Per Dumbbell24lb27.5lb
Replaces8 Pairs of Dumbbells – 3lb Increments – 3-24lb5 Pairs of Dumbbells – 5.5lb-27.5lb
Adjutment Sysytem Magnetic Selector PinGlide Tech
Our Rating9.8/109.5/10
Price?Check HereCheck Here

The PowerBlock 24 vs Hex and Rounded Dumbbells? What Are Their Strengths and Weaknesses?

For a second, let’s not forget that Powerblocks can be set at different weights. What are the differences between these weights?

Balance and Feeling

The ‘feel’ of curling with a dumbbell from the gym or one of these modern adjustable dumbbells is similar.

Powerblocks feel a little heavier and slightly sound due to the many metal pieces being moved about. They can’t be smashed together as you can with rubber weights.

You can expect to be in direct contact with the power blocks more than you would with round ones because they are square. Despite this, there are no exercises that I know of that the Powerblocks can’t be used for. There are no restrictions.


Let’s see how these weights compare in terms of cost. Depending on the brand and weight, you can expect to pay around PS150 for a pair of rubber hex dumbbells. Powerblocks are usually available for purchase at around PS280-PS300, depending on their brand.

The price is almost twice as high. This is a fair comparison, as the Powerblocks can do the same job as eight dumbbells. They are pretty affordable, depending on how you view them.

What could have been better about the Power Block Sport 24?

The weights make a rattling sound as they move around.

It is common for weights to rattle when exercising, mainly if you do more intense arm exercises. It is not as intense as metal-on-metal clinging, but it is still quite different from dumbbells’ quiet operation in the same niche.

The pin could be stronger.

The pin can sometimes slip out of its place and is somewhat fragile, which is disappointing given the strength of the steel weight railing. A more solid material would be better suited to the set than a plastic pin.

These dumbbells have a completely different feel than regular dumbbells.

If you have used rubber dumbbells or other hand weights for a long time, the way they feel in comparison might be a problem. Although balance and weight are not an issue, there are two bars you can use to help you get your hands around.

It can feel a bit rough on your wrist from time to time, but it is not painful. Some people will not like this, as opposed to regular dumbbells with a simple handle.

Do not expect to scatter them around.

Although I don’t usually throw my rubber dumbbells around, I like to let them go after a complex set. Although the Power block dumbbells have an excellent build quality, I would not want to drop them.

The more restrictive design might not suit you if your workouts are too intense and you have a tendency to lose weight. They won’t fall apart, but you may have to be more careful than the rubber hexes.

Why Do You Need PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell?

I have learned about dumbbells that it is vital to have as many weights as possible. Here are the five main reasons why.

It is essential to increase your weight gradually. You can increase your weight gradually by using Power blocks, which allow you to do so in tiny increments of around 1kg each.

You may need to lift less some days. I have written before about how important it is to listen to your body while training. Some days you won’t be capable of lifting heavyweights.

Although the Power blocks are relatively light, it is good to have the ability to reduce your weight when you aren’t feeling at your best.

Different exercises require different weights. If you have ever attempted a front raise using heavy dumbbells, then you will know how difficult it can be. This weight is likely to be easy to shoulder press. My front raise is the lowest weight I use. This is where the Power block comes in handy.

It is possible to lose weight in the last set. I have found it very helpful to start with a heavier weight, then drop the weight a little and finish the set correctly. This is made easier by having a choice of weights or an adjustable one.

It’s wonderful to lose weight to improve your form. If you want to start a new exercise at home, you can begin with the smallest weight. Then, work on your form and build up to a heavier weight. This is what I do with all new dumbbell exercises that I find. The Power blocks and Bowflexes make it easy.

Verdict [PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell]

PowerBlock 24 Adjustable Dumbbell Set is unbeatable in price for the light adjustable dumbbell range. The PowerBlocks have the best build quality, compact design, and most extended warranty. These dumbbells are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add resistance to their workouts.

Although the ATIVAFIT bells are faster and more durable than the PowerBlocks, I think many people prefer the look and feel of the ATIVAFIT. However, with longer handles and 5lb increments, they don’t quite reach the top spot.

PowerBlock 24 Dumbbells are our top choice for lightweight dumbbells. It’s a well-built, sturdy, easy to adjust, solid dumbbell set.

FAQs about PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell:

Q: Can you do seated wrist curls using these dumbbells?

A: Yes. No modification to your wrist curls is necessary to fit these dumbbells.

Q: What price is it for one dumbbell or two?

A: This price is for two dumbbells only.

Q: Do these dumbbells make noise during exercise?

A: They don’t make any noise or clank during adjustment

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