Powerblock Elite 5 90 Lb Set W Silver Stand Reviews

Powerblock Elite 5 90 Lb Set W Silver Stand Reviews:

Over the past five years or so, the Power Block company has managed to solidify itself as one of the leading providers of dumbbells. They specialize in adjustable dumbbells and have helped to reinvent the genre. Anyone who has experimented with these dumbbells will most likely recognize the name’s brand, and this is no coincidence.

Of course, a few of its products, such as the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells, tend to outshine their competitors. This particular model is available in several styles, with the Elite 70 Set being one of the most popular. This product will be examined in great detail below.

Powerblock Elite 5 90 Lb Set W Silver Stand Reviews:

Impressive Range

If you’re not familiar with adjustable dumbbells, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with them right away. There is no better way to do that than by looking at the Elite 70 Set of Power Block Dumbbells. The adjustability means that the weight parameter of the product can be manipulated to suit the user’s desire better.

With the Elite 70, the user will choose between an array of weight settings, which expand from 5 pounds to 70 pounds. As a whole, this particular set is capable of replicating the performance of 22 different sets of traditional dumbbells.

The weight increments can go up or down by a minor amount, so you do not get in over your head. This also helps to guarantee that the dumbbells will adjust to your growth level and will get heavier as you become stronger.

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Easy Operation

Why spend more time making weight adjustments when you are working out when you do not have to? The traditional dumbbell set will require an extensive adjustment process.

This time would be more valuable if you could utilize it to pump more iron. The PowerBlock Elite is designed to offer a convenient adjustable option that will only take seconds to complete. This dumbbell set comes with a selector pin that allows for quick and easy adjustments.

When making weight alterations, all you need to do is pull the selector pin out and replace it into the proper position, determined by how much weight you want to add or deduct. This mechanism is very durable, but you must be on eye level with the slot to make smooth alterations.

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Handle Design

Unlike many of the competitor brands, the PowerBlock Elite dumbbell handle is covered with a nonslip material. This feature will offer a high level of comfort and a very secure grip, even when your hands are wet with sweat.

The handle is located deep down inside of the core so that the weights will balance evenly. This will not only boost your performance but will prevent wrist injury and muscle strain.

Compact In Various Ways

One of the biggest flaws associated with traditional dumbbells is their messy nature. They required too many components and way too many weight plates. In all likelihood, the plates wound up sitting around your workout room, where they became a trip hazard.

The PowerBlock Elite 70 set eliminates this problem with innovation and simplicity. In fact, this specific dumbbell set is compact due to several features. First and foremost, the dumbbells measure in at 14 by 6.25 by 6 inches. They’re small in stature yet compile the weights of 22 different dumbbells.

The dumbbells will also keep your room clean and tidy, thanks to their convenient setup. The weight plates will only separate when you’re utilizing the dumbbells.

And even then, they’ll remain either on the dumbbell or inside of its designated slot. Once you’ve finished using the dumbbell, you can easily set it back into its slot. During the duration, the weight plates will remain out of the way and precisely where they need to be. [1]

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]It offers a maximum of 70 pounds of weight per hand
Very compact and keeps everything neat and tidy
It can be expanded to 90 pounds at a later time
It eliminates the need for 22 separate dumbbells
Allows for weight changes in minor increments
Manufactured in the United States
Plates do not rattle during use
Safety locking mechanism protects children
10-year warranty


A little bit awkward, during some exercises
May need to get on eye level to insert the selector pin correctly

Customer Review:

These were something I had wanted for years, but I waited to get them because I already had so many plates and weight bars. But if you have ever used an Olympic dumbbell, you will know that the clips catch on everything. It is impossible to do chest exercises close together, and they catch on to everything. These are much more compact than sliding plates and clips, and it takes less time to change weight. These are much shorter than Olympic dumbbells, so they can be reached close to the chest. The handle is very useful as it lowers pressure on the thumb pad. Also, because you must grab it from the middle, it makes it balanced. I have never had problems with my wrist range of motion. The pin is magnetic and has never been lost during exercise. The blocks are extremely sturdy and make very little noise. They are very sturdy and won’t break if they are hit hard with a weight while lifting. The stand is not something I would recommend unless I had the money. has a tutorial on how to build a sturdy stand using harbor freight’s tool workbench. It cost me $40, and I created a beautiful stand with rubber tread grips. The slant of its top platform makes it easy to adjust your blocks. A stand is not necessary, but you can always get a cheaper one. These dumbbells are a fantastic tool for any workout. – Tony Gentilcore


When it comes down to it, the PowerBlock Elite 70 Set is fantastic. Despite a few minor cons, the dumbbell set is one of the best and most generous on the market. If you haven’t checked it out for yourself yet, you should definitely do so right away.

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