Best Budget Adjustable Dumbbells for Home Gym [2023]

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Best Budget Adjustable Dumbbells:

Adjustable dumbbells are exactly what you would expect from them – hand-held weights with an adjustable dial to easily adjust the weight amount.

They let you change the weight you’re lifting using just one movement.

In contrast to standard dumbbells in standard even numbers, they adjust slightly at one time. Traditional dumbbells are made of round numbers. If you visit the gym, you’ll see dumbbells that weigh one five pounds, one pound, 10 pounds, etc.

With the top budget adjustable dumbbells, you can modify the weight by quarter-pound increments.

This allows you to gradually increase your weight while you gain muscle at the convenience of home.

It is not always possible to have room for a complete home gym with an exercise rack with power and a full collection of dumbbells if you are in a tight space and looking for fitness equipment that takes advantage of cutting-edge technology that can save space.

It is necessary to have an adjustable set of dumbbells that take up only less space than conventional dumbbells.

Because they’re adjustable, they perform the job of a complete rack of dumbbells and take only a tiny amount of area on the floor.

10 Best Budget Adjustable Dumbbells for Home Gym [2023 Reviews]

1. Bowflex Selecttech 552 Dumbbell Set – Black – Best Value Adjustable Dumbbells

When you’re looking for the top cheap adjustable dumbbells, the most effective option is this set by Bowflex.

The dumbbells are rated to a maximum of 52.5 lbs, which means they’re strong enough to progress in your compound exercises (deadlifts, squats, chest presses, etc. ).

They also have 15 different increments for weights and an innovative dial system that lets you change the weight in just some clicks.

These Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells sport an iconic, rounded design in addition. When you grip them, they’re the dumbbells you’ll use in the gym, which means there’s no adjustment time when you begin using them in your workouts.

Full Review: Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

2. Powerblock Elite Exp 2020 – best rated adjustable dumbbells

These small, adjustable dumbbells might not appear like traditional dumbbells; however, they offer 16 weights in one.

Due to their square design, they can be easily put away and stored in the corner of your home and garage without taking too much space. This has earned them a rating of five-star for storage.

The 5.5″ x 11.75″ x 6.25″ dumbbells are one of the strongest dumbbells listed on this list. Our test subjects gave them a score of 5 out of 5 on toughness after dropping them on concrete and foam flooring and concrete, which caused no damage to the dumbbells, not even scratches.

The dumbbells broke the concrete, and it is important to be cautious not to fall them onto your floor.

The dumbbells can be adjusted between 5 and 50 lbs in 2.5-pound increments (although when we measured the weight of the handles in the laboratory, they were 5.4 lbs instead of 5 lbs, as stated by the manufacturers).

Anyone who wants to get higher can get an add-on set of weights, which can be used up to 70 lbs and 90 lbs — each sold separately due to their adjustable stands.

Although the mechanism for adjustment is relatively simple once you’ve mastered its concept–place the auto-lock handle on the bar with the color code that corresponds to the weight you want to use, it’s a bit difficult to comprehend for those who are new to the process.

The dumbbells include 2 Chrome adder weights, which allow you to raise the weight by 2.5-pound increments. This is further enhancing your experience with weightlifting.

3. Nordictrack Adjustable Dumbbell 50 Lb – easy adjust dumbbells

The idea of dumbbells controlled by voice sound like something out of the gym in the future. However, we have them thanks to NordicTrack, and we’re impressed with these dumbbells.

Once connected to Alexa, it is possible to change the weights of your dumbbells with a simple command such as, “Alexa, increase the weight by 10 lbs” and “Alexa, set my dumbbells for deadlifts”.

Although it may seem like a gimmick, we have found it extremely beneficial to let us take a break between sets instead of trying to adjust weight plates.

The weights come with a complimentary 30 days iFit membership that gives you access to live and online classes to help you get to a rhythm.

Additionally, you can utilize the weights for your home exercise routine and change them between five and fifty lbs at the touch of a button (or an instruction).

Like any good piece of technology isn’t inexpensive, and these are some among the priciest dumbbells that are on the market.

This high-end product comes at the highest price tag, and if you can afford them, you’ll never regret the amount of time you’ll save between sets.

4. Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Set – best space saving dumbbells

Following the Bowflex, The Core adjustable dumbbells were my second most coveted packaging. It was logical for me to realize that the rack was located at the top when opening the dumbbells. This allowed me to not move the weights up before finding the rack.

I also like that the plates for weights are magnetic and are easily separated when the dumbbell is put on the rack. They were also the only ones with loose handles laced onto the base before securing onto the plates.

The dumbbells offered by Core range from 5 and 50 lbs, and you can alter the weight in increments of 5 lbs.

They’re very easy to use because they can be adjusted simply by twisting the handle. Additionally, they offered the fastest weight change for a dumbbell that can be adjusted using the manual design.

Although the dumbbells aren’t round, I was impressed by their sleek style, and I found them to be the most lightweight of the dumbbells that I could adjust.

I loved the soft and contoured handle, which allowed the dumbbell to be comfortable to hold and perfectly molded to my hand.

I also noticed that they didn’t sway when I set them on the floor, making them feel more secure. It was a bonus considering that I lived on the upper level and didn’t want to bother my neighbors down the hall.

I did not like these dumbbells because I was required to put the rack to my chest to change the weight to a higher one.

This was because the weights were stiff and would become stuck when you took them from the rack. This could easily be my error as a user. However, Core also provides an alternative stand to purchase.

Based on customers’ reviews, it is built to last and resolves the issues I faced when having the rack by itself.

Another option I came up with was to put the rack onto a mat made of rubber that gave me more grip and made it easier to move the dumbbell.

5. Sunny Health & Fitness 40 Lb Vinyl Dumbbell Set – Best Adjustable Dumbbells under $100

This Sunny Health & Fitness 40 pounds Vinyl Dumbbell Set is a great option for people new to fitness and shows that you don’t need to invest a lot of money to build and tone muscles at home.

This set includes four sets of 1.5 lbs, 2.5 lb, and 5 pounds of plates that can be swapped with a maximum weight of 20lbs for each dumbbell.

The handlebar is curved with a center grip, making it comfortable to hold, and it’s easy to put plates onto and off. In contrast to dumbbells with metal collars to hold plates, the ‘nuts’ on this model are plastic and tend to move more frequently.

Additionally, they may appear heavy compared to other space-saving alternatives. These adjustable dumbbells are a good choice for beginners or people on a limited budget. These are the cheapest adjustable dumbells you should have.

6. Mx Select Adjustable Dumbbells

I am a fan of the MX55s. The slimness of the plates for weights is amazing, and they’re simple alter the weight increments and then get back to your exercises for strength.

MX creates this dumbbell set available in higher weights. However, beginners will likely require an item that can go to 55 lbs like this set can do.

The 5-pound increments you can make are perfect for those just beginning. Many people who are just beginning to lift weights do not have a solid understanding of the appropriate weight for every exercise.

The smaller jumps on these dumbbells will allow you to test a wider selection of options for your exercises at home.

The other thing I like is that they possess more of the appearance and feel of a conventional dumbbell, which has the handle having a knurled design and round plates.

The caged versions, such as the PowerBlocks, may cause people to be apprehensive at first. The weight can be changed by turning a dial on the dumbbell. It’s simple and quick.

I’ll point out that MX55s are higher priced than alternatives. However, I’m convinced that they are more durable than other products that reduce costs using plastic materials.

7. Powerblock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell Set – best adjustable dumbbells under 200

Offering a unique but small design, these strange-looking dumbbells by Power Block won’t be to everyone’s taste; however, they’re a unique item to have at your gym.

The system replaces eight traditional weights with one device that allows you to alter the weight within seconds by using a pin to select (like the weight stacker in the gym).

These dumbbells are small in weight distribution (going up to 10kg per dumbbell). However, they’re sturdy and use less space than other items on this list. At only $$$ for a dumbbell, They’re worth a look.

8. Loadable Dumbbells Titan

Lifters who are physically demanding tend not to invest in the weights that are lower on most adjustable dumbbells. This is why the appeal of Titan Fitness Loadable Dumbbells comes in.

With an elongated collar and sleeve lengths that can be loaded in the range of 3.5 inches, you’ll be able to put standard change plates on either side, making it simpler to begin with heavier weights.

Since they’re suitable for use with Olympic weight plates, they’re an excellent option for those that already change plates in their homes.

The capacity of the weight is 500 pounds, which makes it possible to set your next record in your own home. The handles feature a comfortable grip medium knurl with a 28mm diameter, a chrome coating, and Titan End caps that are Titan-branded, providing them with the look and feel of an actual barbell.

Titan Fitness also sells change and bumper plates, and collars for those who don’t have them. This makes purchasing a straightforward process.

9. Lifepro 12.5 lb Weights Adjustable Dumbbells Set – The cheapest adjustable dumbbells 2.5 lb increments

A majority of the adjustable dumbbells target those looking to replace large individual plates of steel and free-weight equipment with an easier, smaller alternative.

Therefore, you won’t find many adjustable systems specifically designed to replace smaller hand weights. LifePro perfectly fills the void by offering an adjustable model which can reach a maximum weight of 12.5 lbs.

They can be easily adjusted easily adjustable in 2.5 lbs increments; the dumbbells make a great choice for those new to fitness or lifters looking to tone their muscles without cluttering their gym with individual 3-, 5-, 8-, 10-pound dumbbells.

The compact size of the pair makes them easily portable, which means being outside on a beautiful day or taking them to fitness classes is a breeze.

10. FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell for Full Body Workout Fitness – Best Budget

The Flybird 25-pound (11.3-kg) adjustable dumbbell is offered as a single weight with a range of 5-25lbs (2.2-11.3 kilograms) in 5 pounds (2.2-kg) increments.

The rotation of the handle can change the weight, and a groove for locking on every weight plate makes sure that they remain in the correct position.

A tray is included with every dumbbell as well. Many customers have cited the simple-to-change weight as the best attribute.

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How to Find the Best Budget Adjustable Dumbbells?

Adjustable Dumbbell Type

Three types of adjustable dumbbells are available: Dial a weight, Spin Lock, and Selector Pins. Dial the Weight’s adjustability, which allows you to choose the Weight you’d like to place directly on the dumbbell.

You can adjust the speed of your adjustments by simply turning a dial; however, they are usually more expensive due to their convenience.

Spin Lock (Twist Lock) dumbbells feature a rapidly adjustable system. To adjust the Weight, put the dumbbell in its cradle and turn it until you reach the Weight you want.

When you take off the dumbbell, the weights you did not select stay in the cage, while the weights you choose will remain in place on the dumbbell handle.

Adjustable dumbbells that use Selector Pins use a magnetic pin system for changing the Weight. The type is extremely compact and provides an authentic feel, like conventional dumbbells.

Weight Range

Adjustable dumbbells can provide a variety of resistance that can be adjusted to meet the requirements of each user’s preferences.

The most effective dumbbells will give you a broad range of choices that allow you to do as much as you like.

Certain premium adjustable dumbbells can give as much as 90 pounds of resistance. However, cheaper adjustable dumbbells could offer a smaller selection.

Lightly adjustable dumbbells can increase to around 40 lbs, while heavier ones will increase to 90 lbs.

Adjustable dumbbells are usually offered in 1, 2.5, or 5-pound increments. The heavier Weight you need to lift, the more you’ll be charged, and it’s not worth buying a weight that you cannot manage.

Beginners typically require between 30 and 60 lbs. For intermediates, 50 to 80 lbs and advanced users 60-90 lbs.

Speed Of Weight Change

Adjustable dumbbells generally come with a mechanism for loading the Weight and unloading it. For the most affordable adjustable dumbbells, they can be the plates loaded for the adjustable dumbbells manually. However, some come with a twist or dial mechanism that allows you to rotate the handle to adjust the Weight.

They are more costly, but they permit you to change Weight almost instantly. This is especially useful in supersets and drops sets when you must change the resistance without stopping mid-set.

Weight Indicator Readout

Adjustable dumbbells must have clear indicators to determine the Weight you’re lifting quickly.

This is accomplished by using colored plates, a dial labeled, or the individual plates’ numbers. All the dumbbells that can be adjusted on our list include a clear weight indicator.

The majority of adjustable dumbbells are easy enough to read. However, it’s worthwhile to select one with the most efficient readout for your needs. This will assist you during your workouts and will prevent you from having to stop in mid-set.

Materials Used

The best quality dumbbells are constructed from steel, iron, or aluminum alloy, but the materials used for the outer coating can vary. Unpainted, naked, or chrome-plated dumbbells are likely to be the most affordable. However, they’re also the most susceptible to being damaged or scratched.

Rubber, Neoprene, and urethane-coated dumbbells are more expensive. However, they’re less prone to rust and are less likely to harm your flooring.

Rubber-coated adjustable dumbbells are likely to offer the greatest price, and most adjustable dumbbells are coated with this. If you’re on an extremely tight budget, a few less expensive iron alternatives are available.


The majority of modern dumbbells include some plastic in addition to their metal parts. Do not worry about this fact; provided they’ve been made properly, they are very durable.

But due to those plastic elements, it is essential to ensure that you don’t fall with your dumbbells, particularly from heights of over 12 inches.

Dumbbell Handle Length

The length of the handle is something that is often overlooked when purchasing dumbbells. However, they ought to.

If handles have too much length, you are likely to strike your hips when exercising like curling or even get in contact with your head while pressing. 14-inch handle size is the norm to consider when you purchase.

Storage Features

Although adjustable dumbbells don’t consume the same amount of space, there’s still something to think about.

Some designs have shelves to keep heavy objects off the floor, while others do not. It’s your responsibility to decide if additional storage options are an essential option.


Adjustable dumbbells are made to reduce space and reduce the requirement to have multiple plates or dumbbells. The smallest option is dumbbells that have a selector mechanism. However, certain models are larger than other models.

If the adjustable dumbbell you purchase is too big, it may make it difficult for you to operate and can take up precious floor space. Be sure to check your dumbbell’s dimensions before you purchase it.

Price & Manufacturer Warranty

Indeed, even the most expensive dumbbells don’t cost much. The ones that cost more tend to have the most user-friendly adjustable system. In addition, they do not require additional equipment to enjoy an effective weight-lifting exercise.

Alongside the price, note whether the manufacturer provides assurance or warranty of any kind. Many warranties cover all aspects, including labor, parts, and all other aspects of a damaged dumbbell.

Workouts and Exercises You Can Do With Above Adjustable Dumbbells:

1. Bent-Over Row

Make the most of free weights using this muscle-building routine that works the back muscles and shoulders.

It is important to know that this exercise is unsuitable for novices, and incorrect posture can cause severe damage.

Like other exercises, it’s essential to maintain your back straight, and your knees bent slightly. You are aiming for your lower back and not doing it too much.

2. Bench Press

Dumbbells usually offer a wider movement range than barbells. This allows you to develop even more strength in your pectoral region.

A well-constructed dumbbell bench press will also help to tone those shoulders and triceps, as well as strengthen the shoulder muscles, too.

The principle to be followed when doing dumbbell exercises, as with every exercise, is to squeeze to the highest point of the exercise.

3. Shoulder Press

It is essential to have strong shoulders, and this famous dumbbell exercise is a part of it. However, the press for your shoulder concentrates mostly on two parts of the deltoids.

However, it targets a wide range of muscles, including trapezius, triceps, and rotator cuff muscles.

4. Bicep Curl

One of the easiest and most commonly used weight exercises is one of the most effective. It targets a variety of tricep and bicep muscles.

While performing this exercise, be sure to maintain your spine straight and your upper body in control.

We’ve all seen men in the gym lifting loads that are too heavy to be able to throw the dumbbells with no regard for their spines.

5. One Arm Swing

The great thing about dumbbells is that they produce tangible results from basic routines. To see the proof, you can look no further than this full-body dumbbell exercise, The mighty one-arm swing.

In addition to strengthening your muscle groups in your shoulders, the exercise exercises the leg muscles and the leg.

Although you may recognize this as a well-known kettlebell workout, the one-arm swing can be replicated with dumbbells.

It is a great multi-faceted exercise that can be incorporated into training routines for strength or HIIT.

6. Lunge

The lunge is a traditional full-body dumbbell exercise. Be sure to have enough space and be prepared to work many muscles (legs, glutes, etc.).

Try to maintain control throughout the exercise. The speed isn’t a problem in this dumbbell workout; therefore, be patient, maintain your balance, and squeeze at the highest point in the movement.

7. Calf Raise

Your lower body’s development isn’t just about squats and lunges. It’s more than that, however. Your calves play a crucial function in instability and mobility and stability, so you should consider adding some dumbbell exercises that concentrate on the calves.

8. Triceps Kickback

The most effective way to do this full-body dumbbell workout is to begin with, light weights and gradually increase the weight as you gain strength. One that targets the overlooked side of an arm for the triceps is particularly relevant.

Suppose you’re in a similar position as the bent-over row to limit the motion to only your lower arm. Keep your shoulder and the upper body steady throughout the movement.

9. Lateral Raise

This is another fantastic exercise that targets your deltoids; this lateral lift has become a favorite by bodybuilders since the beginning of their sport.

In addition, it focuses on the outer rotor of the muscle. This exercise is crucial to those muscular shoulders that you’ve been seeking.

The proper posture is the key to this efficient full-body dumbbell exercise. Make sure your movements are small and controlled and aim to keep your elbows in the lead while you move.

10. Lying Dumbbell Fly

It is possible to perform this exercise on various platforms, such as an incline bench, a flat bench, or even an exercise ball.

We’ve chosen to use the classic flat-bench technique in this particular movement. It allows you to concentrate on the chest’s mid-section, but you can strike the upper and lower portions of the muscles by using a decline or incline bench.

Of course, not all of us can afford an exercise bench, and a bed that can be moved or the Swiss ball will be the solution.

11. Glute Bridge

This bodyweight exercise will yield even more results when you add dumbbells into the mix.

You have likely seen people sporting this style in the gym. While it might make you feel weird, there’s a way to this absurdity.

The glute bridge stimulates a major component of the largest muscle group by pressing hard on your top to create an area of control for stability and strength over the entire body.

12. Russian Twist

13. Weighted Sit-Ups/Jack Knives

14. Tricep Extensions

Let’s conclude the best exercises with dumbbells by using this workout routine designed to strengthen the triceps. To perform this exercise, it is possible to use either a single or double-handed grip, but the most important thing to remember is the positioning that your elbows are in.

Make sure to keep your arms tightly to your body during the exercise since this can help you target the triceps and help you stay safe from injuries.

FAQs [Best Budget Adjustable Dumbbells]

Is It Worth Investing in Adjustable Dumbbells?

All things that have adjustable weights have some drawbacks. But for most those who exercise at home, the adjustable dumbbells are far more effective than the fixed ones due to their size and cost savings.

How Much Do Bowflex Dumbbells Cost?

The list is available above.

Who Sells Bowflex Dumbbells?

They are available online at Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Why Use Adjustable Dumbbells Instead Of Barbells? Are Adjustable Dumbbells Good?

Both kinds of weights come with advantages, particularly those looking for an easy way to build your body’s upper part.

The most important reason to select adjustable dumbbells instead of barbells is their small size; one set has all the weights you require and takes up tiny space in your gym at home.

Why Are Adjustable Dumbbells So Expensive?

At first, it’s easy to believe the adjustable dumbbells would be by far the most expensive weights. However, when compared to buying a complete collection of fixed dumbbells, they’re very affordable when you consider that you need to buy just one set.

Where Can You Buy Adjustable Dumbbells?

There are many locations to purchase low-cost adjustable weights. Many sporting goods stores have at least a couple of choices, and so do the major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

The best location to shop for adjustable dumbbells the best place to shop is on the internet. Online shopping makes it easy to compare prices, and also, you can get your weights delivered to your doorstep. So, you don’t need to worry about carrying them to your vehicle and then driving home.

Are Adjustable Dumbbells Safe?

Adjustable dumbbells are safe. However, it’s crucial to follow the guidelines for your chosen set. If you don’t properly secure your dumbbells, they may fall off during your workout, causing serious injuries.

Brathwaite mentions that spinlocks can be more difficult to work with than other locks. He recommends Bowflex’s SelectTech Dumbbells for their capability to be used quickly and safely.

What Are The Heaviest Adjustable Dumbbells?

The dumbbells with adjustable capacity that have the greatest capacity include the Pro Commercial 175’s from Powerblock, which can reach 175 lbs.

I own a set of these, and despite being extremely heavy, I don’t recommend them to everyone because of their size.

They’re almost comical, to be honest. Most people prefer the Ironmasters that can go up to 160 LB and are the best with larger weights.

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