TOP 6 Best Adjustable Dumbbells for P90x [2023 Reviews]

The 6 Best Adjustable Dumbbells for P90x [2023 Reviewed]

If you want to follow the P90X workout program like so many others, you will need a good set of dumbbells needed for p90x. It is highly recommended that you opt for a set of adjustable dumbbells instead of traditional ones so you can save yourself a lot of space and money.

There are so many different adjustable dumbbells on the market that you will definitely want to take your time when searching for the best ones to buy. The following is a list of the best adjustable dumbbells for the P90X workout program.

What are The Best Adjustable Dumbbells for P90x?

PowerBlock Personal Trainer Adjustable 2.5 to 50-Pounds per Dumbbell Set

Powerblock is a reputable brand for adjustable dumbbells, and this set, in particular, is worth taking a look at because of everything it has to offer. These dumbbells have a unique squared shape, so they are much more compact than most others you will find on the market.

With these dumbbells, you can adjust from 2.5 to 50 pounds in 2.5-pound increments. You will use a selector pin to switch between the weights you want, and it is extremely easy to do so. The flexible backup system that these dumbbells use prevents plates from getting loose and causing injury.

Bayou Adjustable Dumbbell for P90X

The Bayou adjustable dumbbell is another excellent option for those who plan on following the P90X program. These dumbbells also use a selector pin mechanism for choosing which weight you want at any given time. It is very easy to use these dumbbells, and you can adjust the weight in 5-pound increments.

The chrome-plated steel construction of these dumbbells is partially what makes them such an attractive option for those who plan to work out at home. If you want dumbbells that will stand the test of time, you must take the time to look into what these have to offer.

With these dumbbells, you will be able to use anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds, so they are a good choice for most people who are just starting out lifting weights.

Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells by Lions Roar Fitness

The adjustable cast iron dumbbells by Lions Roar Fitness are something to look into if you are planning on working out at home.

These dumbbells come in 40, 50, and 60 pound pairs. The collars on these dumbbells have a rubber inlay to keep the plates securely fastened on.

The rubber grip knurled handle has an ergonomic design that will allow you to use them as long as you want without having to worry about feeling any discomfort. Overall, these dumbbells feel great when you use them, and switching between weights is very easy for anyone.

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell

The Bowflex SelectTech 1090 adjustable dumbbell will provide you with the ability to lift anywhere from 10 to 90 pounds in 5 pound increments. All you have to do is simply twist the dial on the side of the dumbbells to switch between weights when you want.

These dumbbells are perfect for essential toning and strength training, so you will get all of your needs met. Those who will follow the P90X workout program will find that these dumbbells are an excellent overall choice, and you will even get a workout DVD with 30 different exercises.

Bowflex is a very reputable name when it comes to workout equipment, and these adjustable dumbbells are undoubtedly worth considering.

Weider Speedweight 120 adjustable dumbbell set with stand

With these dumbbells, each one can be adjusted for 15-60 pounds in 5-pound increments. This means that you get to customize your workout easily to meet your specific needs. There are ten different weight settings per dumbbell, giving you a variety of options to choose from.

The ergonomic handgrips provide added comfort, so your hands will never get sore using them. You can quickly and easily adjust the weight for each dumbbell, so you won’t need to worry about your workout getting slowed down.

PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set [Best Adjustable Dumbbells for P90x]

These dumbbells adjust from 5 to 45 pounds in increments of 5. If you are looking for adjustable dumbbells that are highly durable and cost-effective, this is most likely the solution you need.

PowerBlock is a very reputable name for workout equipment, and you will find that these dumbbells have a very sturdy design.

With a compact design that saves a lot of space, you will be able to use a selector pin to change weights quickly and efficiently when you need to.

There is a maximum weight of 45 pounds per hand with these dumbbells, which should be enough for beginners. Overall, these dumbbells are worth considering for anyone who is going to follow the P90X program.

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How Heavy Of P90x Adjustable Dumbbells? What Size Dumbbells for P90x?

P90X requires only a few pieces of equipment. This is why it’s so popular as an at-home workout. You only need a pull-up bar or some resistance-training equipment.

You may prefer dumbbells over resistance bands. You can get the desired results without injury by learning how to size dumbbells properly. [1]

Different types of Dumbbells: What Kind of Dumbbells do I Need for p90x?

Dumbbells come in a wide various weights. You can find traditional dumbbells in various weights, ranging from 1 pound up to more than 100 pounds.

You would need a large set to save space in your home and cost a lot. You should determine the size of your weight and then only purchase those weights. You can increase your strength by adding weight.

You can also choose adjustable dumbbells. These dumbbells are much more affordable than complete sets of weights, and they take up less space in your house. As you grow stronger, you’ll have a little more space to grow.

Different weights for different goals

Before figuring out how much weight to lift for each exercise, you must first know your goals. You will need to lift heavier weights if your goal is to gain mass and strength. You don’t have to be so heavy if you look to tone your muscles and increase your endurance.

It’s not a good idea to be too light or too heavy. Although you may not get the results, you desire, choosing a weight too light will not guarantee you’ll get them.

However, the P90X challenge won’t get the desired results if you don’t find the weights challenging enough. Being too heavy can result in poor technique, compromised form, and injury.

Start Weights – Dumbbell Weights Needed for P90x

P90X Fit Test lists the prerequisites for how many repetitions women or men can do with a particular weight. Men should be able to curl 20 pounds in biceps curls.

This will allow them to do 10 to 15 repetitions without fail. Failure is the end of your ability to do many reps with proper form. For 10 to 15 repetitions, women should be able to lift dumbbells 8-pounds.

For other upper-body exercises, biceps curls can be a great starting point. For movements such as side and front raises where your arms are extended out in front or to the sides, it’s a good idea to be a bit lighter. For overhead presses and back exercises, you’ll probably need to be a bit heavier.

Lower body exercises require heavier weights. P90X’s lower body exercises don’t require you to be heavier than your body weight. However, you have the option to add weight to make it more challenging.

Do Your Research

Do not wait until your first day of training to determine the weights you will use. You will need to plan if you don’t have a complete set. You can experiment with different weights if you belong to a gym. To do this, you can also visit a sporting goods shop.

Start with curls of 8 to 20 lbs for your biceps. You can do between 10 and 15 curls easily so that you can increase your weight.

The overhead presses can be used in the same way. Begin with 10-25 pounds for a man or a woman, and then increase. Repeat the process with rows. You should find the most challenging weight to lift and keep good form beyond the ninth-to-14th rep.


If you do P90X correctly, you will get stronger. You will eventually need to gain weight. You may find yourself doing biceps curls using the shoulder presses weights.

For back exercises, you might need heavier weights. You can always size up if you need to. Keep your old weights around and give them to a friend.

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