The 5 Best 70 lb Adjustable Dumbbells [2023 Picks]

70 Lb Adjustable dumbbells, and other pieces of home exercise equipment, are still a hot commodity in the post-pandemic era. While availability has improved, prices can be alarmingly high for some sets, and delivery times can vary. Are you unable to find the item you are looking for?

These dumbbells will last a lifetime. By increasing your weight, you can track your progress over time. These weights can be used for many exercises and are great for full-body training. You can adjust the weight of these weights from 5 to 70 lbs by turning the handle.

The 5 Best 70 lb Adjustable Dumbbells 2023:

1. POWERBLOCK Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbell (2020 Model)

PowerBlock Elite EXP Series continues the evolution of expandable dumbbells. This welded steel product can replace an entire rack of traditional dumbbells with one pair.

The Elite EXP, like the Commercial Series and standard EXP Powerblocks models, is available in various kits or “stages,” depending on the weight increments required. The Stage 1 Elite EXP set allows for a custom weight range of 5 to 50 lbs per hand. Optional expansion kits allow incremental increases up to 70 lb (Stage 2) and 90 lb (Stage 3).

You can equip a small gym, a pro facility, or your home with adjustable dumbbells. This can save you both money and space. It can also expand the options for training athletes.

How to use PowerBlock Elite EXP series dumbbells?

Each PowerBlock comes with color bands on its side rails that correspond to the weight chart (in LB or KG) for easy weight identification. It is easy to change the weight setting quickly and accurately using a magnetic polypropylene selector (rated for 500 LBS maximum load).

Micro-load adjustments can be made in 2.5 LB increments with the included weights. To gently remove the lower ballast tubes adder weights, tilt the handle back until the dial lock is in an open position. The dial lock can then be closed, and the handle returned to the set.

These have been my favorite product for the past month. The weights are solid and won’t move when they’re locked in place. They also function exactly as you would expect. These are better than the Bowflex because fewer moving parts can be damaged over time (rotating weigh selector vs. locking pin assembly). The locking pin assembly that you use to select the weight you desire is a bit cumbersome. Although it takes slightly longer to choose the weight you want than with the Bowflex, I feel that this feature will ensure they last longer than their competitors. They are about the same price as Bowflex, so grab them now, and you won’t regret it. – Gray Cook

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2. 70 Lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Set with Grey or Black Plates

These dumbbells have been in my possession for two months now, and I can confirm their high quality. The dumbbells feel good in my hands, and it is easy to add or remove plates. The bars are large enough to hold heavier plates, and have enough space to add more plates. To make each dumbbell 50 lbs, I purchased additional plates. They are highly recommended. – Mike Boyle

3. Adjustable Dumbbells Set of 2 x 70lbs Weights Set

Weight adjustment

The 70lb adjustable dumbbells are easily adjusted from 5 to 70 pounds. They also have smooth side cushions that make it difficult to roll. Adjustable dumbbells are easier to use than regular dumbbells.

Widely applicable

There are many weight options available, which can be used for core and strength training and weightlifting. You can use it at home or in the gym.

Space Saving

A dumbbell that adjusts can be a space-saver, as it allows you to do a variety of weight training exercises. The dumbbells don’t take up much space, and they are easy to lose. It can be used at any time. The dumbbell comes with a tray to store your dumbbells safely.

Unique design

Special embossing prevents the dumbbell’s rolling. It’s easy to capture, resists high temperatures, is not difficult to age and has an anti-rolling design.

After-sales support

We offer free exchange and return services. We will resolve any problem within 24 hours, no matter how complex.

4. Ion Wellness Probell 70 lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Set

The unmatched durability of the machine-knurled handle in industrial grade and full steel weight plates is unparalleled.

You can adjust quickly in increments of 5 lbs by rotating the handle.

Purchase the Nuobell 70 adjustable dumbbells to exercise whenever you like, wherever you are located.

How I Tested These 70 lb Adjustable Dumbbells?

Each dumbbell set was subject to a variety of resistance exercises. These included standing bicep curls and shoulder presses as well as lying pullovers, squats, and lunges.

This went on three to four times a week for a total of two weeks. Each adjustable dumbbell set was also used as part of an interval training program one day per week.

It was essential to determine the range of motion required for different exercises and see how easy dumbbells are to perform various workouts. Some exercises required me to hold the weight bars, while others required holding the weight plates directly.

This was deliberate as the testing purpose was not to determine if adjustable dumbbells are as flexible and easy to grasp and use as regular rubber hex dumbbells.

They were also used in interval training to help me get a good sweat and test my grip on the adjustable dumbbells.

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