Best Adjustable Dumbbells Sets Reviews and Guide

Best Guide Ever To Choosing the Best Adjustable Dumbbells + Top 3 Adjustable Dumbbells Quick Comparison

Are you tired of watching some boring promotional video, where each and every dumbbells producers/manufacturer are busy claiming that their product is the best and can meet all our needs?

Well, in case you’re not, then I am! Am seriously feed up with their promotional videos and I Can Only Rely On This Service To do my homework . and the problem here is this:

If all manufacturers of these dumbbells set are claiming that their product is the best adjustable dumbbells, then the main question staring blankly at us with some poking eyes is this: “which adjustable dumbbells are the best?

Here Are The Top Three Adjustable Dumbbells Comparison

Which Adjustable Dumbbell is the Best?

The next big question is this: Which Dumbbells Should We Trust to meet our Need?

Should we just trust any dumbbell that have lots of some promotional reviews where users claim it to be the best they had ever used?

Well, am just thinking here and I want to know your views on this matter, maybe we should approach the buying situation in a different way, right?

After reading hundreds of reviews from these producers websites, I found out that I just get some inadequate product after product that simply does not meet my need or it is just a waste of money.

AM not trying to point out that other websites are lying, no, count me out, am no good or a god to judge men, but what I figured out is this, another man’s sweet is a bitter leaf to me.

I found out that since we have different reasons as to why we buy adjustable dumbbells sets, that is how the producers have different reasons as to which products they release into the market.

They also have a certain group of people they are targeting, so it is left for us, to filter out the best product that will suit and meet every single one of our needs.

However, there are three best products that I found that is among the most popular and that is worth the money spent in buying them.

Here Are The Top Three Adjustable Dumbbells Comparison

For you to get the best product that is worth your money, you need to learn how to buy smart, and buying smart means you have to make the smart decision, which will help get you the best product that gives you what you need.
Before buying anyone, ensure that you know the advantages and disadvantages, or like we would say, the pros and cons. Could This Report Be The Definitive Answer To Your essay writer?

However, when searching for the best product that suits you, please also be aware of the fact that you “might” not get what you are looking for exactly, however, you should note that adjustable dumbbells always come with some very desirable and effective attributes that would fit into your desired dumbbells.

I have decided to list out, the top three of my best dumbbells and their price in the today’s market, I also went further to get you, their customers reviews and ratings.

All I need from you, is just some few minutes, and I promise you, after reading through this piece, you will get to choose the best one that suits your taste.

Top 3 Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

Here’s my top three favourite adjustable dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Yes, you must have certainly heard Bowflex, they’re really among the best manufacturers so far, and what makes their product more alluring and tempting is the price tag fixed for their products.

To be truthful here, this is one of the very best of the three products which I am reviewing here, because it also has the ability of being effective for all weight trainers, not minding of their experience level.

The Bowflex SelectTech is the very best product for any trainer who is just starting to build up their muscle toning process.

Why I said that this is the best product for all beginners is that the weights in this product allow you to increase weight by smaller increment levels, however, you can compared this to the Weider dumbbell set, which also have ability to be increased or decreased.

What made this product stands out, is the offer that comes with this product, Is that it provides you, the simplest means to a gradual increase in weight training.

However, do note that you should not begin by carrying too much weight for a number of reasons, which I would just mention a few here.

  1. Carrying too much weight at the beginning of your weight training sessions, may not be too good for your health, so try your best to start with the ones you can carry, and after some few sections, you can then adjust the weight.
  2. Carrying some extra weight, might cause you some injury and muscle stress.

Building up your muscles gradually, helps you to be more successful during all of your weight training sessions.

One thing for sure is that, jumping from one small pound to another is dangerous, both to your health and mostly muscles. It is not a smart of you to jump from 10 to 25 pounds just like that, medically, it is just too much for your muscles to handle.

Be sure to get the best workout and results by working in smaller increments.

Advantages of Bowflex SelectTech 552

  • It only take you just 5-10 seconds to adjust the weight that suits your taste. Just some four dials and yes, you have set a new weight. Unlike other dumbbells, where you have to remove, adjust and add weights, then you have to remove them again and add them to get another weight increment.
  • There is also an increased functionality due to smaller weight increments
  • It takes you ONLY 15 to 30 seconds to adjust the set to a completely new workout.
  • This particular set has the widest variety of weight setting, which also provides you an even more opportunities for muscle growth.

Disadvantage of Blowflex SelectTech:

This product don’t have any disturbing disadvantage, the only disadvantage associated with this dumbbell is it’s my list of the top Dumbbells, it’s the fattest and most biggest, it stands at 15” x 8” x 9”.

But this should not stop you from getting one yourself, it’s one of the best dumbbells in today’s market and I’ll advice you, to get one for yourself.

Weider SpeedWeight 120:

Weider SpeedWeight Dumbbells

Just like I stat in my “about us page”, I do discuss with friends who have spent years in buying adjustable dumbbells and building weights, I always see the name of this product popup whenever am discussing and analysing the top dumbbells.

Weider SpeedWeight is supposed and should be here on this list, because it provide us with one of the best packs we ever need in a set.

One quality that makes this product stands out is it’s six inch diameter, which makes it the smallest in diameter of the three reviewed products here.

However, because of this, it’s also the smallest in appearance than the two other best ones.

Advantages of Getting the Weider SpeedWeight 120

There are so much advantages when it comes to buying the weider Speed weight 120, and they are:

  • The sets robust locking system and metal sliding.
  • It also comes with a stand, which is free of charge of course.

It’s costly, and I know, but quality products costs much more than cheap products.

This dumbbell set is one of the best to buy, because it is featured here and it is one of my favourite!.

Disadvantages of Weider SpeedWeight 120:

Not so many disadvantages here, but just aspect that the company should improve on.

However, one thing people tends not to “like very much” about this product, is that it comes with just a few weight settings, with only 10 as compared to the Bowflex, which comes with 15 and the IronMaster with 14.

What Should be Improved in Weider By The Company

This set only increases by an increment of five pounds. One thing that is very not cool about this, is that for people who love to gradually increase their weight during their workout, the 10-pound interval is just too much for some people and may overuse your muscles.

However, some people also disclosed that lifting a dumbbell this long can be a bit awkward.

Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock

Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System

I made the Ironmaster to be the 3rd and last on my list of the top favourite dumbbells.
What made this set to stand out of other sets is that it is the most sturdy of the three which are mentioned here, it is also made and manufactured in USA, which makes it to have a balanced feeling when you start bodybuilding.

Advantages of Ironmaster worth Mentioning Here

  • What made this set to stand out, is that it has the widest increments of weights, which ranges from 5 to 75 pounds, and it is the ideal dumbbells for anyone who would love to intensify their workouts.
  • This set come with a grip that is very comfortable while working out.
  • This is one set that comes with the most compact of the other two products reviewed here, it’s comes with a compact at 14.5 inches long.
  • Finally, what’s worth mentioning here, is that they are also known for being great for press exercises.

Disadvantages of Ironmaster:

(Just Needs a little improvement to make it perfect)

One thing that I don’t fancy much about this set is that it just takes a little longer to change the weight settings. Since I have been working with dumbbells for a long period of time, I know for sure that this is frustrating, mostly when you decide or plan your workout on doing curls or other exercises that require quickly changing the weight continuously.

The 2nd and last fault here, is that this set does not come with a locking mechanism for the screen in pins. The side effect of this, is that it can cause you, a safety concern during use because the plates may be more likely to fall off of the bar, and the result might not be good if it hits any part of your body.

Just because there are not moving plates on this set does not mean that it is a safer product.  Considering the pins are not present, some worries may arise

However, people have disclosed that while using Ironmaster, they never got injured, and so far, there has been no bad news about this, we just decided to disclose this to you.

How to Find the Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Like I said at the very beginning of this article, the above listed sets are just my favourites and among the three listed above, there’s certainty that you will find one that you surely love!. However, while searching for the dumbbell that you should buy, ensure that you read the following guides to finding the best adjustable dumbbells

  • increments
  • warranty
  • dimensions/size
  • durability
  • packaging
  • weight settings
  • price

However, as for me, when I do buy new sets, I always focus mostly on these creterias. Which is the:
weight increments, and settings when reading reviews by other customers.

I also discovered that most people wants to get the “cheapest adjustable dumbbell”, so when they start shopping, they become money conscious, am not against getting things cheap, but make sure that you get something that is valuable.

However, there are sets which come with a reasonable and cheap price, and they offer lots and lots of value. It may be helpful to calculate the cost per pound of each dumbbell.  With the three sets just reviewed their price per pound is:

  1. $5.70/pound for the BowFlex,
  2. $7.05/pound for the IronMaster,
  3. $6.70/pound for Weider.

Ensure that you do pay careful attention to weight increments and settings of adjustable dumbbells when buying one, because these will be one of the most important aspects in the long run.

Just for a few seconds, remove your thoughts from the price, if the dumbbells do fit in to your body and needs.

My Opinion?

well, I do strongly believe that the BowFlex set is one of the best since it gives you, the freedom to choosing the weight of each dumbbell.  Which ranges from 5 to 52.5 pounds.

I promise you, just simply believe me when I tell you, that this range is incredible and will help improve your muscle in the process of becoming a lean, fighting machine.

Plus, the 2.5 pound increments of the BowFlex set also provide gradual weight settings and 15 options, which is could also be compared to 14 and 10 in the other two sets cases.

Customer Reviews

When you decided to buy any of these products, make sure that you go through their customer reviews section, because customer satisfaction should be another matter you should seriously look into, and this should not be for dumbbells only, but for every product you are buying.

Where you can get a better customer review is Amazon, where after purchasing a product, customers are kindly asked to drop their view about the product.

So before purchasing any one of these sets, you should go through their customer review center and see what previous buyers have to say before making your decision. Just leverage other people’s review first, so as to make the right choice.

Product Ratings

Don’t ever be carried away by the ratings of products when you decide to buy one, don’t just look at the product ratings, go further to read reviews, which offer much more indepth explanation to you, rather than so ratings.

I believe and I know we are also on the same road here, that reviews gives us much more information about quality and traits and show that the customer thought their opinion would be beneficial to others that were once in their position.

However, never under-rate the power of ratings, because since we would not have that patience/time to read hundreds, or thousands of reviews, which would surely be positive and negative, but simply looking at customers rating would give us, within few seconds, all we need to know about the product, because when positive ratings is much more greater than the negative ratings, then go for the product, but ensure than positive rating is way way above the negative ratings.

Your Time: Simply Way to Choose the Best Product Anytime:

I believe that most of us don’t have the time to read reviews, so the best option is to look at customers rating of the product. I promise you, when you decide to look at the highest rated reviews and their values, this would most beneficial to your time and your money.

If a product is rated as five stars, this may not mean that it is the best choice.  For example, Weider would appear to be the best based on ratings only, but this does not tell us the whole story when it comes to positive reviews from customers.

The number of ratings and reviews can also be helpful.  Using Weider as an example, this product has a 100% 5-star rating but upon closer review, only one customer has provided input.

The IronMaster and BowFlex have a 4.8 and 4.5 star rating respectively with a higher number of positive review.

So, if we were to follow the rating trends, the BowFlex set would appear to be the least favored product, which I tell you, is purely a lie, when you consider the fact that this product has the most reviews of all three weight sets (564, compared to 1 for Weider and 78 review for IronMaster).

But the Choice is Your’s to Make!

Okay, I have done my best in reviewing and explaining in great detail, the meaning or ratings, reviews and others, but the ultimate choice is yours to make, and that is, which one of them would you purchase?

Will you go for the 560 reviews on bowflex?  or the 78 review on Ironmaster? Or maybe, the single 1 review on Weider? Which one of these will convince you?

Is your mind made up on which one to go for?

DO you want to hear my opinion on this matter? Well,  I would go with the item that has the most good ratings instead of the highest average rating.

My Conclusion: Your Verdict

As for me, I would go for the BowFlex SelectTech 552, and you know why?
Because it has a good number of advantages which is way above it’s disadvantages.

One thing that made it stand out, is the fact that the users/customers could not hesitate to share their thoughts and reviews about the product, it prompt her customers to review it and share their thoughts, which is a good sign.

I have come to see. After reading through these comments from their customers, (yes, I read all of the reviews, and it took me 96 exciting hours) I saw that there are excellent reviews and since I have used this product, it should be in your top list of the best adjustable dumbbells to buy.

However, we should not under-rate the other two products which are reviewed here too, they are great and their price is worth it. These are excellent products which I would recommend to anyone any day.